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EXCLUSIVE! The New Cycle Of America's Next Top Model Has Begun & Things Are FEISTY! Learn More About The Drama From Miss J HERE!

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miss j im back antm 21

In case you missed it, Cycle 21 of America's Next Top Model aired last night — and it was FULL of dramz from the very start!

But of course, how could it not be?? There were hunkalicious male models, fabulous female models, AND judge extraordinaire Miss J made his splendiferous return.

It was almost too much to handle!!

However, as a veteran ATNM judge, Miss J knows that drama is bound to happen on the show. And that's only accentuated when there are guy models competing with girl models!

J. Alexander EXCLUSIVELY dished about the situation to CocoPerez.com, saying:

"You know there's always drama in any of these competitions with models because remember, there’s different personalities. I think there was a little bit of jealousy with the girls and the guy that they thought they were sort of attracted to, but then, drama comes up with the person that you're attracted to, because you have to now compete with them, because remember — you're competing against each other!

When you got some hunks up in there and some beauties, yes, you do get distracted. And that is the most difficult thing when you're working in this business — you have to work with guys or girls. You're involved in a relationship and all of a sudden, you're kissing a guy for a photo shoot or the girl is kissing someone and then there's a whole big freak out! And it's only a job!

Sometimes, some things do blossom from work. It's very difficult to try to stay focused on the job and then try to focus on building a new relationship in the public's eye, with cameras on you, in house with the people. It's very, very difficult."

We can only imagine that things will get even more heated as the season moves along!

And luckily for us, Miss J didn't only limit himself to talking about reality show drama. He also dished on his favorite models of the cycle, the importance of his role on ANTM, how people perceive him, what he missed about the show when he was gone, and the general response to his return.

As usual, he had some insightful stuff to say about all of those things!!

Read the rest of the interview (below)!

On if he has any favorites in the competition this cycle:

"I will say anyone that's tall is my favorite! I'm 6'4". I like tall! I'm just trying to remember the faces, and the moments and who delivered and who did not deliver. And I normally give numbers before I give names, and there's one girl I love. Great, beauty face, but she didn't get it.

A really tall one was just all up in it, all over the place, but didn't quite get focused. She was trying too hard to appease everyone and all the judges, that she forgot to focus on what she had to do to please the cameraman, as far as her walk was concerned. There were a couple of guys that I just though, ‘you have it, you don't, and you won’t!'

I do have my favorites — out of the guys, one, two, three, four, and out of the girls there were three definitely, so I have a total of seven!"

On why his role is important on ANTM:

"It's a competition with real people, with real feelings, with real aspirations and ambition. And some may say all I’ve done was teach girls how to walk, but I know there's so much more stuff that no one realizes — the things I've learned and the things that I've seen and the places that I've gone.

I think for me to explain to a model why you're not going to go any further and then, give you reasons why and say, if you can change those things, then fine — you have my support 100%.

I don't need to make you cry to make you understand, but sometimes a good, hard talking to gets you in the right position or the right frame of mind. Kelly [Cutrone] is really, really good with that, too, because she goes very into it with the hard, true facts. That's how she delivers. I deliver mine, too, but sometimes you need to throw them off-guard with some humor!

For me to get you to do what I need you to do, you don't need to be screamed at and yelled at or made to cry — in any job, whether it's modeling or in the office! But, sometimes, people don't have patience and you call it as you see it."

On how people perceive him:

"People stop me in the street and say, 'Why did you say so and so and so?' Or, 'You're so mean.' Just the other day on the street, there were three Americans, a mother and two daughters and the daughter almost had a heart attack when she turned and bumped into me turning the corner! I heard her say, 'Oh my God, he's so tall!' And then the mother said, "Oh my god he doesn't need to be recognized!' And I said, 'Girl, how can I not?! I'm 6'4!'

I mean, I'm always in a damn costume, so I can't put on anything and go incognito. It was actually very nice because I stopped to talk with them and said, 'It's not meanness. I just tell you directly what needs to be done and that makes me a mean person, but you thank me in the end!'"

On what he missed most, being away from ANTM:

“You know the strange part about being off the show for, I think, two cycles? It was like I never left the show! I was the new judge for Russia. I've been doing Denmark and the other countries, so it was like I never stopped. It was just a different language was spoken and a different host. I really didn't miss anything on the show. When I did Vietnam, there were also guys on the show, as well… I was going to say I missed the guys, but no. It was like I never left the show, which is really strange, like I was on maternity leave. That's how I felt it was!”

On the response to his return:

“I’ve been getting messages, Twitter messages and messages from past contestants from last cycle who are just upset that I'm back, because they're not there to share the Miss J moment with me, which is very, very sweet and very, very nice. They say it's not fair. They want to come back and do an encore so they can have that Miss J moment and I'm flattered. Yes darling, I'm flattered, but you can't have everything!"

Catch all the fierceness Monday nights on The CW! Check your local listings for times.

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