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Miley Cyrus Poses COMPLETELY Naked For Shocking V Magazine Spread! See It All HERE!

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Miley Cyrus goes completely naked in these BTS shots for V magazine!

Oh shiz!

If you thought you've seen all of Miley Cyrus, just wait until you see the racy polaroids she just released!

While on tour for Bangerz, the We Can't Stop songstress stripped all the way down to her birthday suit for some very private BTS Polaroids shot by friend Cheyne Thomas, which she just decided to share with V magazine!

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And trust us, Miley is out to get jaws dropping!

Seriously. In some shots she poses completely naked, but in others, she cleverly uses soap suds to censor herself! We don't even know what to think.

So you tell us after ch-ch-checking out the uncensored and very NSFW shot (below) and the rest of the spread in the gallery (above)!

Miley Cyrus goes completely naked in these BTS shots for V magazine!

[Image via Cheyne Thomas/V Magazine.]

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45 comments to “Miley Cyrus Poses COMPLETELY Naked For Shocking V Magazine Spread! See It All HERE!”

  1. Jacklyn says – reply to this



  2. ela says – reply to this



  3. kiki says – reply to this


    so ugly

  4. Sávio says – reply to this



  5. I'm the stupid with says – reply to this


    This is pedophilia!
    Someone alert the concerned authorities,,, Pluuuhease!

  6. cristal says – reply to this


    She looks like a dude.. You sure that Her?

  7. kathy says – reply to this


    Daddy must be proud

  8. MichJB says – reply to this


    At least Amanda Bynes parents loved her enough to get her help. Miley's parents aren't going to risk losing their paycheck to get Miley any help - and she is just screaming - help!!!

  9. sadie jane says – reply to this


    i love her i don't care what anyone says shes a fuckin badass bitch

  10. Sebrina says – reply to this


    Officially BORED!

  11. Sebrina says – reply to this


    Officially bored

  12. Mina says – reply to this


    I actually lovee her

  13. rosa says – reply to this


    Someone take that girl and put her into rehab

  14. rosa says – reply to this


    Someone should care enough to get that girl into rehab

  15. Ugh says – reply to this


    What is WRONG with people?

  16. bahaha! says – reply to this


    someone grab the prozac and a puke bag..

  17. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Gawd I wish I hadn't t popped onto this site today…. I just threw up a little viewing this no talent fugly Skank….,of all the narcissistic delusions of grandeur sick celebutards, this hillbilly WHORE takes the cake! This is just pathetic, and sad. Guess that her career is on the crapper she is desperate for attention….. She and Robin Thicke ought a start a club for has beens.,..maybe even rent an apartment together where they can smoke crack all day…..

  18. Be -Atch says – reply to this


    …..I blame the mother…. Can u imagine how the fugly little sister is gonna turn out ???!? I can well imagine why Liam left this two bit whore….,

  19. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    That scrawny smelly snatch has seen more hillbilly cousins's c@cks than a spinster librarian's has seen vibrators…..this fugly ugly chipmunk face broad really ought a not be showing us stuff we can all laugh at.,.,.

  20. seenow says – reply to this


    see here @

  21. joinSD says – reply to this


    Poor scrawny thing! Too high

  22. Sam says – reply to this


    The sad thing is that I think she thinks that this is attractive.

  23. 23

    lol oops.. at first glance I thought it was a pic of a boy.

  24. Penny says – reply to this


    Eeew keep your clothes on and your tongue in your mouth.

  25. john says – reply to this


    Miley is great. She needs to eat a bit more and add some meat to that skin and bones body. But who cares really let her be naked nothing wrong with the human body except in close minded frightened America.

  26. MichJB says – reply to this


    Re: Vanessa87 – Same here - I thought it was another picture of Bieber.

  27. 27

    This girl is really messed up.

  28. Lily says – reply to this


    It feels so wrong, it's like looking at child pornography! I'm so happy Liam Hemsworth got out of this relationship in time… It's like Lupita Nyongo allegedly refusing to be taken in picture with Kenya Moore, you just don't want to hurt your image when you have so much going on.

  29. allan says – reply to this


    one word SKANK

  30. 30


  31. Becks says – reply to this


    It is really sad that she keeps having to pull the shock factor in order to stay relevant. There is a way to pose nude that comes off as classy and sophisticated but these are just trashy.

  32. Tammy says – reply to this


    It’s really sad that she’s given her dignity, sex and personal privacy away. In 10 or 20 years she will look back and regret it. Her parents should have been parents and prevented this. Sadly they sold her soul to the entertainment devil years ago. The world gets you’ve been trying to kill Hanna Montana but all you’re actually doing is hurting yourself. You can be sexy and young without giving it all away. Because once you’ve put everything out you can’t get it back. You are not portraying yourself as smart, relevant or sexy. Anyone can act vulgar and be naked. Those things don’t equal talent or class. You actually come off as young, stupid, manipulated and extremely trashy. Stop the booze, drugs and party lifestyle. You look like the meth head tweakers I see every day at my job.

  33. deb says – reply to this


    What happened to her? She used to be so attractive. Now she looks like she is in serious trouble with drugs or something. Very sad!

  34. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She looks like some skanky ho who, after doing a stripper routine at a trashy airport strip club, went into the back room to make some low budget porn…they gave her a $100 dollars and a few lines of blow for her effort….sad sad sad…and, UGLY ! Woof !

  35. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    If she thinks show'n them mosquito-bites she calls tits on the internet is gonna make her popular, well, she and Vanessa Hudgens oughta start a club ! LOLOLOLOLOLOL !

  36. 36

    Self-destruction is not fun to watch.

  37. shay says – reply to this


    I can only see the one picture. And shes at least sort of covered.

  38. ron says – reply to this


    needs bigger body parts ,ass boobs ect. need sex tape ,with black rappers,looks like a fair looking bar girl now. sure her dads real proud. may get close to linsey lohan, wont make the level of trash kim an sisters are .

  39. 39

    Poor young lady. There's nothing her parents can do now, it's too late. The time for instruction/advice was long ago. Maybe Patrick and his mother Maria can have some influence. She reminds me of a young, hurt, lost Madonna from the 80's who also used to pull this crap for attention.

  40. Larry Cantin says – reply to this


    You are absolutely Beautiful Miley Cyrus

  41. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    U can tell she has nothing more than a grade. 12 education, and even that is a 'studio ' grade 12 , meaning it is more like grade. 10 she is stupid and has no one guiding her to make good choices. Prolly hooked on something as well……

  42. Linda says – reply to this


    What is with Miley and her naked poses?? Does she think she looks good? She's a toothpick and she looks ridiculous. Mom & Dad must be so proud (they're probably in hiding!) I wish Miley would just go far away!

  43. Stormie Remus says – reply to this


    If we'd all stop commenting, maybe she'd go away!!

  44. kat says – reply to this


    Man, so many hateful comments.

  45. ChuckBass says – reply to this


    What a pathetic cry for attention..