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Definitive Ranking Of Celebs Who Are Hot As Hell In Drag!!!

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celebs who are hot as hell in drag gallery zac efron seth rogen jimmy fallon tonight show

If you thought Zeffy-Poo looked hot as hell as a lovely lady on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, well, you were right!

But Zac Efron & Seth Rogen aren't the only delicious dudes who can pull off dressing like dames! Far from it, in fact!

And let's not forget that plenty of our favorite fems dress like guys, too!

Ready to see who the REAL queens of drag are???

CLICK HERE for the gallery, "The Definitive Ranking Of Celebs Who Are Hot As Hell In Drag!!!"

CLICK HERE for the gallery, "The Definitive Ranking Of Celebs Who Are Hot As Hell In Drag!!!"

CLICK HERE for the gallery, "The Definitive Ranking Of Celebs Who Are Hot As Hell In Drag!!!"

CLICK HERE for the gallery, "The Definitive Ranking Of Celebs Who Are Hot As Hell In Drag!!!"

CLICK HERE for the gallery, "The Definitive Ranking Of Celebs Who Are Hot As Hell In Drag!!!"

[Image via NBC.]

Oklahoma Teacher Accused Of Giving Her Failing Student A's In Exchange For O's!

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Kalyn Thompson faces rape charges after boosting a student's grades for sex!

An Oklahoma teacher is facing some serious accusations after she allegedly had sex with one of her high school students multiple times and compensated by giving him A's!

The student in question was failing his English course during the Fall term, however, his grades shot all the way up to 98% when the Spring Term came around, which just so happens to be around the time he turned 18!

His teacher, Kalyn Thompson began sending him sext messages around this time and had sex with him at least

Michelle Rodriguez Hopes Her "Big Fat Mouth" Will Help Others! Find Out How It Helped Her HERE!

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michelle rodriguez opens up about being bi sexual

Awwww! We love that she feels this way!

Michelle Rodriguez told the world last year that she's bi-sexual, and proceeded to show everyone when she publicly dated Cara Delevingne!

But her decision to live freely and openly with her sexuality was a MAJOR one and we seriously applaud her for it!

She's now hoping that her courage in coming forward and speaking up about her sexuality will encourage others to do the same!

She said:

Teen Is Kicked Out Of A High School Prom Because The FATHERS Couldn’t Control Their Impure Thoughts!

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girl turned away homeshool too short dress 1

This is disgusting.

A story has been making its way around the web about a 17-year-old homeschooled girl, Clare Schlaudt, who was kicked out of the Richmond Homeschool Prom for no real reason other than that she looked fabulous and skeevy dads couldn’t contain themselves.

Clare detailed her story on sister Hännah Ettinger’s blog, Wine and Marble, and explained everything from the beginning.

First, she looked everywhere for the perfect dress that fit within the fingertip-length dress code requirement. She found an adorable, sparkly, form-fitting number that was

Listen To This: Not Outta Love

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Anastacia hasn't made much noise in the U.S. since I'm Outta Love in 2000.

Her new song isn't likely to change that because American radio doesn't like playing songs by older artists. Sadly. But she's still got a very loyal following in Europe and Anastacia's new single is the best release she's put out in years!

Stupid Little Things shows off that big voice of hers and is a welcome departure for her form dance to a more pop sound.

We are really feeling this!

Check it out above!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Anastacia!

Is Orlando Bloom Divorcing Miranda Kerr Because She Cheated On Him With Jesus?! Holy Split!!

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miranda kerr christian prays every day orlando bloom religious rift divorce

If you think the continuing conflict over Palestine is bad, if you thought the Spanish Inquisition was horrible, if you thought the Holocaust was awful, well then just wait until you catch wind of Miranda and Orlando's religious rift you are absolutely right. Those are unquestionably three low points in human history.

Frankly, the list of godawful (pun intended) tragedies caused by religious strife and deity-centered persecution is longer than Alexander Skarsgård's perfect peen and nearly twice as intimidating. Furthermore, if this recent interview with supermodel Miranda Kerr is any indication, it just got a little longer!

(The list, we mean, not the perfect peen — apologies for a literal dangling modifier.)

In case you weren't paying attention, Miranda just made one heck of a confession:

The Trailer For NBC's A To Z Will Make You Believe In Love At First Sight! Check Out The Mother From HIMYM Spark With Mad Men's Ginsberg!

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A to Z? More like A to A plus! This trailer makes this new comedy coming to NBC look great!

Way to go, peacock! How I Met Your Mother's mother, Cristin Milioti, is back to the old tube alongside Mad Men's Michael Ginsberg played by Ben Feldman.

This show will be the story, A to Z, of their relationship! Ben's character is such a sweetheart too! We'd root for that guy any day of the week!

Ch-ch-check out the romantic trailer that you will definitely want to watch by candlelight (above)!!!

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