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Selena Gomez & Zooey Deschanel Have A New Girls Night Out! Our New BFF Alert Is On HIGH!

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Has Selena Gomez found a potential new BFF to possibly replace Taylor Swift?

Selena recently posed with Zooey Deschanel in a photo booth session at the Soho House. Sohos before Sobros, right?! We kid! These two are nothing but classy!

Zooey looked as wide-eyed as Jess, and Selena made her self an ole fashioned hand monocle! Way to throwback to the 90s, Selena. The 1890s! But SRSLY those half-glasses are totally making a comeback!

Meanwhile, Selena threw this photo up on Instagram with the following cute caption:

Fandom Fashion! How YOU Can Design For Comic-Con's First Ever "Geek Couture" Show!!

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Geek Couture is about to make its official Comic-Con debut!

Comic-Con and fashion have been associated for ages!!

You’ve seen the photos — all the biggest geeks usually attend dressed as their favorite Comic-Con character. In fact, last year Bryan Cranston showed up dressed as himself!

So FINALLY some genius thought of the idea of putting on a “Geek Couture” fashion show at San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s happening this year!!

According to the organizer, Star WarsAshley Eckstein at Her Universe:

Tom Hanks Is Hanging With Strippers, Mackin' On Meg Ryan & Shooting Guns—But It's Not What You Think! WATCH!

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tom hanks rap still

"My d*ck Big, like the movie was…"

Yes, those are actual lyrics from BUCKWHEAT GROATS' Tom Hanks rap currently taking the internet by storm!

The music video and lyrics, all about Tom Hanks' most iconic flicks and co-stars, features various CGI versions of Tom—along with Meg Ryan, Sally Field and even a dirty Woody from Toy Story!!


But the best part about this stripper infested guns blazing madness, you ask??

It's Hanks approved!

Although Tom hasn't given the official thumbs up, his son Chet tweeted his rousing approval of the seXXXual satirical video piece:

Tom HanksTom HanksTom HanksTom HanksTom Hanks

Cameron Diaz Has Eye-Opening Thoughts About Cheating Being Ridiculously Common! If You're Blissfully In Love, You Won't Want To Read This!

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We had no idea Cameron Diaz was such a pessimist!

The Other Woman star warns that her new comedy only mimics real life because EVERYONE is a victim of cheating.

Whether they've already been cheated on, will be cheated on, or their significant other is cheating on them at THIS very millisecond, none of us are safe!

The leading lady said:

What's In A Name? Learn The Trick Kendall Jenner Uses To Land More Modeling Gigs!

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kendall jenner casting

What does Kendall Jenner have in common with Rihanna and Madonna???

She's dropped her last name and is going by "Kendall" only as she tries to book more modeling jobs!

It's actually not unusual for a lot of models to only go by their first names, but Kendall's reasoning behind the decision is so that people will be less likely to associate her with her famous family!

Kim Kardashian explained:

Kendall Jenner is super determined to make it as a model!Kendall Jenner is super determined to make it as a model!Kendall Jenner is super determined to make it as a model!Kendall Jenner is super determined to make it as a model!Kendall Jenner is super determined to make it as a model!
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