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Heidi Klum's Workout Routine

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Heidi Klum seems to be doing everything at once, and yet she still finds time to keep her incredible body in tip-top shape.

How does she do it? By doing a combination of cardio and strength training as outlined by Fred DeVito, co-creator of Acacia’s Exhale: Core Fusion DVD series.

Here’s a standard routine:

1. Push-ups: (upper body strengthener)

Place hands on floor slightly wider than shoulders, fingers pointed forward, elbows close to the ribs. Legs can be bent (basic) or straight (advanced). Keep abdominal muscles pulled up and in with ears in line with shoulders (don’t hang below shoulders). Bend elbows and lower chest as close to floor as possible. Push away from the floor to lift the body to a ¾ arm extension (avoid locking elbows). Inhale on the down; exhale on the up phase of the movement. Do 15 reps to start and work up to 25. Repeat 2 sets.

2. Forearm Plank with side leg extension: (core strengthener)

Place elbows under shoulders, wrists are parallel to each other hands making a fist, shoulder width apart. Keep legs straight, hips width apart. Abdominals pulled, shoulders pressed down. Extend right leg to 45-degree angle outside of hip. Hold 30 seconds. Lower leg. Repeat with left leg. Hold 30 seconds. Do 2 sets.

3. Single Leg Thigh Lift: (thigh toner and strengthener)

Stand hips’ width apart with legs, hands on hips, lift right leg up straight on a diagonal with side turned out from hip at 45-degrees in front of hip. Lift leg as high as you can. Knee facing straight to ceiling, lower and lift leg 20 times. Hold last one up and pulse 10 times up and down an inch. Repeat on left leg. Do 2 sets.

4. Table Top: (glute toner and strengthener)

Kneel on padded surface (carpet, towel, or mat) with knees under hips and arms/hands placed under shoulders (shoulder width apart). Move knees in toward midline of body 3 to 4 inches apart and keep knees across from hips. Pull in abdominal wall and lift right leg off the floor to hip height and keep it turned out from the hip. Reach left arm off the floor and hold onto foot or ankle of right bent leg. Keep eye focus down floor and head/neck in line with spine. Hold 30 seconds. Keep pushing foot/ankle into hand, turning out hip, and trying to open log more away from body. Breathe. Inhale and exhale equally for 30 seconds arm and leg. Repeat on other side. Complete 2 sets.

5. Pretzel: (waist and glute toner)

Sit on floor with squared hips and shoulders directly over hips. Place right leg in front of hip and bend in a 45-degree angle. Keep foot pointed. Place left leg behind you in a 90-degree angle with knee behind hip on diagonal. Keep foot pointed. Press both hands into floor slightly in front of shoulders about 6 inches wider than shoulders. Keep shoulders down. Keeps hands stabilizing torso, begin rotations forward of back hip, keeping knee on the floor and lifting only the foot. Do 10 rotations. Keep rotation of hip forward, foot off floor, and knee behind hip, try to l ift knee10 times. Release. Repeat with left leg in front, right leg back. Do 2 sets.

So intense!

[Image via News Pictures/WENN.com.]

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