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Cutting Carbs Extends Life !

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Cutting Carbs Extends Life

Cutting carbs will make you live forever.

Well, not really, but it can make you live longer and healthier. Professor Cynthia Kenyon has been doing research on aging for years, and has discovered that carbohydrates directly affect the genes that control aging.

Jeff Holly, professor of clinical sciences at Bristol University explains aging:

“Ten years ago we thought aging was probably the result of a slow decay, a sort of rusting. But Professor Kenyon has shown that it’s not about wear and tear, but instead it is controlled by genes. That opens the possibility of slowing it down with drugs.”

It’s a complicated subject, but basically there are two genes that control aging, which they call the “Grim Reaper” gene and the “elixir” gene. The more carbs you eat, the more you ramp up the Grim Reaper gene, and so fewer carbs means less aging. This is in part becasue the elixir gene slows the release of free radicals, which cause wear and tear on your organs.

This is pretty amazing! They’ve even done tests on worms and shown that the worms almost seem to become younger when the elixir gene is activated. This research will soon revolutionize the way we think about aging and its relation to food!

[Image via AP Images.]

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