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Will San Francisco Ban Circumcision?

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San Francisco man wants to ban circumcision

What's up with people in the city of San Francisco?

First they messed with the Happy Meal and now they might be messing with your penis!

San Francisco man, Lloyd Schofield, wants to ban all male circumcisions, making it illegal and punishable by jail time, a $1000 fine, or both!

He is part of the Bay Area “inactvivist” group, which calls the procedure “male genital mutilation”.

For all those who want to continue the trend of a slimmer and trimmer member in their families lineage, the proposal has a long way to go, requiring 7,168 signatures by April next year to appear on the November 2011 ballot.

The passionate inavtivist who prefers his skin to hang loose says:

"It's up to the choice of the individual — not the parents, society or religion — this is a choice for body integrity. Just as females are protected from having a drop of blood drawn from their genitals, baby boys deserve the same protection."

What are the benefits of a circumcision you ask? For one, it can reduce the risk of rare penile cancer and researchers speculate that the foreskin could foster a more favorable environment for viruses like herpes. Ew.

It's also possible to develop swelling and tenderness if the foreskin is not properly cared for.

Dr. Michael Brady, a professor of pediatrics at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, says:

"There are numbers of patients who had no clue what had to be done, because they didn't handle their foreskin correctly and they ended up getting adhesion. That can happen; it's not a myth."

Inactivists, like Schofield, insist the procedure is not medically neccessary and violates the childs body, risks the child pain or complications, and foreskin helps protect the penis.

We've never been in a situation where we needed our bare member to be protected, but if ever are, we'll buy a jock strap and a cup.

Which side of the foreskin are U on?

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