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Tiger Woods’ Mistress Insists Her “Addiction To Love” Is A Serious Condition

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Tiger Woods’ Mistress Insists Her Addiction To Love A Serious Condition

Rachel Uchitel is trying to milk the “fame” she gained from the Tiger Woods’ debacle for everything it’s worth.

She recently revealed that she joined the reality series Celebrity Rehab for her emotional issues connected to love, vs. the standard drug or alcohol issues that most people go to rehab for.

Said Dr. Drew Pinsky, who treated Rachel:

“What was going on with Rachel took a while to figure out. Putting myself in her emotional space, when you come to terms with the amount of trauma she's had to deal with, it's very easy to understand how you desperately feel the need to fill that void.”

Uchitel said that she didn’t immediately believe that an addiction to love was a real thing:

“I really didn't give love addiction a lot of credibility. I thought it was a joke and it really isn't. I got myself into some very bad situations… some relationships that were not right for me.”

Ugh. We’re glad she’s getting help, but it just feels like she’s doing it for the attention!! Why does your rehabilitation need to be in public? If you seriously need help, do it out of the public eye!

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