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Giffords' Breathing Tube May Be Removed Today

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Gifford’s Breathing Tube May Be Removed Today

This is nothing short of a miracle.

Only a week after being shot in the head, congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords may start breathing without the aid of a breathing tube sometime today.

Congresswoman Giffords showed signs of bravery and endurance almost immediately when she was brought to the hospital.

"My first response was I grabbed her hand, leaned into her and said 'Ms. Giffords, you're in the hospital, we're going to care for you, please squeeze my hand' and she did. I got the impression that she was trying to communicate but was frustrated by the fact that she couldn't communicate," said Dr. Randall Friese, a trauma surgeon.

Please, please, please keep Gabrielle in your thoughts and prayers! She needs them now more than ever!

[Image via AP Images.]

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