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Have Trouble Sleeping???

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Having Trouble Sleeping? It Could be Your Age

Studies have shown that problems sleeping can be age-related. We suggest watching the people at QVC describe collectable dolls, but here's some age- based tips for getting good shut-eye when that doesn't work.


Can't seem to rest and sleepy time tea hasn't helped? Don't bum yourself out. Depression cause sleep problems such as insomnia, but some antidepressant medications may have sleep-related side effects. Talking to some (a therapist or even your dog) can really help your mind ease in the wee hours.

New mothers having trouble resting even when the baby is? Five to 10 percent of women develop postpartum thyroiditis, which may disrupt sleep.


Sounds of the ocean machine only makes you want to pee more? If you're waking up to pee a lot more lately, don't assume it's a sign of aging — you might actually have a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Deep, restorative sleep (called delta or slow-wave sleep) decreases in your late 40s, making nighttime awakenings more frequent. The cure might be as simple as a little aerobic exercise. When you give your body more repair work to do thanks to increased physical exertion, it responds by stepping up the amount of slow-wave sleep you'll get.


Prescription drugs you may be taking for high blood pressure and cholesterol could affect your pillow time. Ask your doc if you can take your meds in the morning.

Snoring an issue? Conic snoring is a huge sign of obstructive sleep apnea. OSA can have some heavy consequences, such as worsening or increasing the risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, or stroke.

Talk to your doctor about your sleep issues and with treatment, you could be snoozing more peacefully in no time!

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