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Foods That Are Worth The Extra Money (And Some That Aren’t)

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Foods That Are Worth The Extra Money (And Some That Aren’t)

Walking through the grocery store can be incredibly confusing! If you find yourself constantly wondering whether or not organic produce is worth the extra money, or if you should splurge on expensive salt, check out this list (compiled by iVillage Food) of “worth it, not worth it” for buying more expensive foods!

Thick skinned produce: Not worth it
Thick-skinned produce is more protected from insects and therefor needs less insecticides, but because you normally peel the skin off of fruits, the insecticide contamination won’t affect you anyway.

Olive oil: Not worth it
Inexpensive extra virgin olive is just as good for you as expensive. Use cheap olive oil for cooking and more expensive stuff for a dipping or finish oil.

Coffee: Not worth it
You may be able to tell the difference between 7/11 coffee and Starbucks, but we’ll bet you can’t tell much of a difference between coffee that costs $8/pound and coffee that runs at $16/pound. Go for budget coffee and save some money.

Cheese (for cooking): Not worth it
Cooking cheese changes the taste and texture. Go for the cheaper option when you’re making your famous mac ‘n cheese. We promise it will taste just as good!

Berries: Not worth it
Buy berries while they’re in season — they will be significantly cheaper. Also, buying them out of season is bad for the environment because they have to travel longer distances to get to you.

Salt: Not worth it
Unless you’re using finishing salt to top a fancy dish, regular salt will always work. And it’s WAY cheaper.

Nuts and Seeds: Not worth it
Because nuts and seeds are able to protect their “fruit” with a hard shell, pesticides have a tough time getting into the actual food. Organic won’t make a huge difference here.

Sparkling water: Not worth it
Just like all water is pretty much the same, all sparkling water is similar. Go for the cheaper option!

Milk: Worth it
Organic milk comes from cows that haven’t been treated with hormones, and while scientists say that the hormones don’t affect the milk, it still seems fishy.

Eggs: Worth it
Go for free-range eggs — chickens who were raised in a healthy environment are bound to produce healthier eggs.

Meat: Worth it
Go for grass-fed beef. It’s what cows naturally eat — not corn/any of the other random crap they’re fed.

Chocolate: Worth it
If you’re going to indulge in chocolate, why not go all out!

Tofu: Worth it
Fresh tofu is significantly tastier than mass-produced tofu. Check your local markets for it — they may not have it at the chain stores.

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