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New Melanoma Drug Hailed As Cancer ‘Breakthrough’

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New Melanoma Drug Hailed As Cancer ‘Breakthrough’

Guys, if you know a scientist, go give them a high-five. Scientists are kickass!

The FDA has just approved a breakthrough cancer medication that researchers are saying will prolong the lives of patients with melanoma. While it’s certainly not a cure, it’s a big step.

Said Tim Turnham, director of the Melanoma Research Foundation:

"Clearly this is not a home run, but it's a solid base hit. And because we see other things in the pipeline, we think this the first in a series of important new therapies for melanoma."

The new drug called Yervoy is different than traditional cancer treatments like chemo therapy in that it utilizes the immune system’s ability to fight off cancer instead of trying to kill the cancer with outside chemicals (chemo).

This is huge! Sooo awesome!

[Image via AP Images.]

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