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Cee Lo Doesn’t Want To Lose Weight

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Cee Lo Doesn’t Want To Lose Weight

Cee Lo is a total badass and incredible singer, but anyone who watches him notices one thing before anything else: His weight.

Said Cee Lo:

"I'm not out of shape, this is just the shape I'm in. What you see, hear and experience is a person who is completely confident in their own skin. I wanted to incorporate a discipline that I'd never tried before but not to lose weight. I'm not going to be a small person. I'm big boned. This weight, I can facilitate."

Cee Lo says, “Fuck you,” to critics of his weight — it’s part of who he is.

"Survival is my skill. I'm a soldier, a lover and a fighter. My skin is a little thicker because of where I've come from. I could have gone comfortably numb a long time ago, but I was saved because of my association with music. Music truly did calm a very savage beast."

We love that he’s confident in his body, but if he doesn’t start losing that weight soon he’s going to have some serious heart issues.

Hit the gym, Cee Lo!

[Image via Sakura/WENN.com.]

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