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Scientists Find "Obesity Master Switch Gene"

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Scientists Find Obesity "Master Switch Gene"

Guess what? We can now “switch off” obesity! Yay!

… JK

Sorry to get your hopes up! But this is a really cool discovery! Scientists have found that the gene linked to diabetes and cholesterol is a sort of “master switch” that controls other fat genes in the body. It will aid in the search for treatments for obesity-related ailments.

Said Tim Spector of King's College London, who led the study.

"This is the first major study that shows how small changes in one master regulator gene can cause a cascade of other metabolic effects in other genes."

In the US, obesity-related diseases account for nearly $147 billion in medical spending every year. We could potentially save tons of lives and money by cutting that back!

We hope this leads to major breakthroughs in medicine. For realz!

[Image via AP Images.]

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