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Burn Calories WITHOUT A Trip To The Gym

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While we HIGHLY encourage you to get up, get out, and get active, we understand not everyone has the luxury of time.

If it's absolutely impossible for you to get to the gym or even go for a 20-minute jog, check out these easy exercises below that will burn calories throughout your busy day.


Do pushups against the wall in the shower

Stand on one leg while brushing your teeth; this helps build strength and balance in
the hips

Plie while loading the dishwasher

Squat and stand while lifting your fork or spoon eating breakfast

Run up the stairs and walk sideways down them


Stand up between responding to emails

Send your doument to another print station

Walk away from your desk at lunch — never eat at your desk!

Cross your opposite leg while sitting to help your spine and posture alignment

Twist your spine by reaching around the back of your chair at the top of each hour

Pace during conference calls


Press your head against the headrest while driving in the car to strengthen the neck
muscles that are weakened by hours at the computer.

Squeeze your hands on the steering wheel at every red light or stopped traffic

Time yourself while cleaning up the kitchen or home to see how fast you can do it

Do crunches, plank rotations and leg lifts during the commercials while watching TV

Do bicycle abs in bed while watching TV or reading a book

Totally easy, right?

Now you shouldn't have any more excuses for not doing, at least, SOME exercise. Unless of course, you just don't want to do any to begin with.

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