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Answers To Your Questions About Relationships

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Answers To Your Questions About Relationships

We have a delightful new Fitperez contributor!

Dr. J is an expert on all things stress, anxiety, love, and relationships!

Here are some common questions to get you started, but tweet him your own questions @askdocj, or check out his website for more info!

How do I keep a guy?
You don't want to keep the guy…you want to lead the guy! Immediately engage his interest. Anytime you have an opportunity to advance an area of his life do it with sincerity! If he loves hoops? Get going to the game! Don't play games…create a name for yourself in his heart! Then you will Learn to Lead…and not ever again worry about How to Keep Him!

Where do I meet a great guy; not just for a hook-up?
Where do the greats go? Discern and detail out what is great. Start being the person you sincerely desire to attract. Hook-ups are just a fad! Become a classic and you will hopefully hook-up with a great and become eternally-entangled!

I feel lonely, what can I do?
First of All…you’re never alone! Your mind and thoughts are out of sync! Its time for some better SST(Silent-Self-Talk). Feeling lonely is an amazing time to adjust your awareness and align your mind and thoughts to outcomes you sincerely desire! "Being Bold can Lead to Gold"!

I’m with a guy I really like-how do I avoid drama?
Don't ever avoid drama…welcome it! You can choose to react dramatically or choose to react with clarity! Always remember the ABC's,"Always Be Cool'sister!

I like to date, I don’t want a boyfriend. I sleep around, “I’m a slut” is that a problem?
Enjoy all the(raw-raw) Pomp and Circumstance of dating dudes…you make the rules! Your the man-magnet…the Mattress Madam! "Your better off being a slut with tools than a slut with fools"

What can I do to not cheat?
"Cheat in your mind its cheaper"!


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