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Five Fitness Myths That Won't Go Away

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Exercise science, much like medical science, is constantly changing as more studies and discoveries are made. Unfortunately, there are still a handful of exercise myths that just won't disappear from the general population's mind regardless of advancements in the field.

Check out this list of five fitness misconceptions below that have been floating around the minds of gym goers for years. Don't feel bad if you're one of the misinformed because, after all, you're not an expert!

We hate to break it to you, but you're cardio machine ISN'T counting the calories you burned.

Sorry, it's just not possible for a machine to determine an accurate calorie count. Mark Macdonald, personal trainer and author of Body Confidence says:

"It's not asking your body composition. If you're at 18% body fat, you're going to burn a lot more than if you're female at 35% body fat."

Just because you're not losing weight, doesn't mean you're not benefiting from exercising!

A lot of people go the gym expecting to start shedding pounds after their first jog on the treadmill, then get discouraged when the digital numbers lighting up their scale don't change after a couple weeks.

DON'T get discouraged! Even if you're not losing weight, you're still reducing risk factors such as blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and bad (LDL) cholesterol that lead to serious ailments like heart disease.

Remember, exercise is important, but so is your diet. If you're not losing weight with your personal trainer, maybe it's time to see a nutritionist.

You can't spot reduce to tone those abs before the beach next week.

The muscles won't show until the fat covering them up is gone. A spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise says:

"Don't focus on a body part. Try to get them all. You might have beautiful triceps — it may not be flopping all over the place. Until the fat is gone, most people wouldn't know it's there."

Just because you go to the gym, doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want!

We wish it were true, but like we said previously diet is just as important as exercise.

You may burn off 400 calories at the gym one day, but eating a Big Mac value meal from McDonald's right after isn't helping your cause! Eat smart to maximize your physical fitness efforts!

Favor real food over a protein shake after your workout!

They are "the lowest quality of food" and a cheap substitute for REAL FOOD, as an expert explains:

"Protein sources in real food are Number 1. Cheaper and real food may provide other benefits, vitamins and minerals. And some of the components in food may act synergistically in ways we don't understand."

The personal trainer who helped TV host Chelsea Handler get in shape, agrees "you're better off eating real food" and only recommends using them in emergencies when you know you can't get a proper protein rich meal.

If U have any questions about physical fitness myths or tips, shoot it over to tips@fitperez.com to ask one of our EXPERT Fitperez correspondents!

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