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6 Summer Eats To Keep Skin Young

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Oranges Good For Skin

Before you attack aging from the outside, perhaps we should first go at it from the inside out! Or both! Ha!

Here are 6 summer things you can eat that have an effect on your skin — and perhaps on the appearance of aging!


First off, you should be eating oranges because they're delicious, and that it's hilarious that they're named after their color instead of having their own original names. Second off, the contain "a vast array of polyphenols and flavonoids that bestow excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, oranges also provide extra sun protection defense while also enabling skin cells to achieve greater longevity."

Reasons galore.


Love cucumbers! Sure it can reduce puffy eyes when you put them there, but you should probably eat them afterwards too:

This vitamin-C packed member of the gourd family contains silica, which boosts the resiliency of collective tissue while also plumping up the complexion.


Almonds are healthy as shizz, guys. Not only do they taste great as a nut, but the oils they have are so good for you. You can even apply it topically!

This natural emollient – with high levels of vitamin D and E – penetrates deep within the epidermis without clogging pores or leaving a greasy appearance. It also restores the natural pH level of skin via olein glyceride linoleic acid, a vitamin-, mineral- and protein-rich polyunsaturated fatty acid that helps naturally rejuvenate skin cells.


When we mention "superfood," we're probably talking about these little blue suckers. Blueberries are the DEFINITION of a superfood. Check it:

With antioxidants galore, this bonafide superfood tastes wonderful, revives lagging cognitive brain function, aids the cardiovascular system and benefits type 2 diabetics with better long-term blood sugar regulation. Oh yeah, and the berries are equally as effective for improved skin appearance when blended into a deeply hydrating facial mask.


Leave it to the sea to help your skin like a boss:

Oddly enough, these naturally occurring, immune-enhancing, antibacterial amino acids are found in a wide range of marine-based animal and plant species, including sharks, seaweeds, arthropods, anemones and mollusks such as cone snails. Precisely how they were identified, isolated and ultimately used in skin care preparations is anyone’s guess, but various resources suggest that the sea-derived compounds work quite effectively at repairing sun and age-related skin damage.


Start eating those leafy greens, guys — oh, sunflower seeds and almonds too:

This fat-soluble antioxidant comes to the defense of cell membranes, not only by reducing the risk of cardiovascular issues but also boosting immune system function and the likelihood of cataract formation. In terms of how it directly impacts the skin, vitamin E offers skin membrane protection while bestowing an insulating effect against sun damage, whether applied topically or consumed in the diet. If you’re looking to increase your consumption of vitamin E-laden foods, look no further than leafy greens such as kale, spinach, collard, turnip, swiss chard and mustard, all of which tip the nutrient density scales (although almonds and sunflower seeds aren’t too shabby, either).

There you go, guys! These are probably things you're already eating, so the next step is just to increase them a bit!

Dang. We could really go for an orange or two right now! Ha!

[Image via AP Images.]

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