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Best And WORST Burgers

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Bacon Burger

It's no secret that America loves burgers, but unfortunately it seems to be a secret to most American's that burgers can be absolutely terrible for your body.

We're not talking smack on all burgers, of course, but condiments, portion size, cooking method, and even buns can quickly add up to an entire day's worth of calories in one meal!

Fortunately there are some good burgers out there who aren't out to destroy your diet, so check out the best and the worst burgers America's restaurants have to offer below!

Best Plain Burger: Wendy's plain Jr. Hamburger - 230 calories, 8 grams of fat (3 grams saturated), and 470 milligrams of sodium.

Best Low-Card Burger: In-N-Out Burger's Hamburger With Onion, Protein Style - 240 calories, 17 grams of fat (4 grams saturated), and 370 milligrams of sodium.

Best Burger With Mushroom And Cheese: Dairy Queen's Mushroom Swiss GrillBurger - 590 calories, 35 grams of fat (12 grams saturated), and 700 milligrams of sodium.

Best Other-Meat Burger: Ted's Montana Grill's Skinny Dip Bison Burger - 606 calories, 29 grams of fat (7 grams saturated), and 1,973 milligrams of sodium.

Best Gluten-Free Burger: Margaritaville's Cheeseburger in Paradise - 250 calories and 9 grams of fat—5 grams saturated.

Best Sliders: Ruby Tuesday's Zucchini Cake Minis - 580 calories, 22 grams of fat (3 grams saturated), 1,714 milligrams of sodium.

Best Meatless Drive-Through Burger: Burger King's BK Veggie Burger - 320 calories, 7 grams of fat (1 gram saturated), and 960 milligrams of sodium.

Best Restaurant Veggie Burger: Denny's Veggie Burger - 540 calories, 13 grams of fat (5 grams saturated), and 1,340 milligrams of sodium.

Best Portobello Burger: Cheeburger Cheeburger's Grilled Mushroom Portobello Sandwich - 476 calories, 24 grams of fat (5 grams saturated), and 1,415 milligrams of sodium.

Best Turkey Burger: Hardee's and Carl's Jr.'s Charbroiled Turkey Burger

WORST Cheeseburger: Friendly's Grilled Cheese Burger - 1,540 calories, 92 grams of fat (35 grams saturated), and 2,490 milligrams of sodium.

WORST Double Cheeseburger: Denny's Double Cheeseburger - 1,400 calories, 87 grams of fat (41 grams saturated), and 2,680 milligrams of sodium.

WORST Drive-In Burger: Sonic's Ring Leader Loaded Burger - 1,230 calories, 86 grams of fat (28 grams saturated), and 1,230 milligrams of sodium.

WORST Burger Posing As Breakfast: Perkins' Sunrise Burger - 1,580 calories, 91 grams of fat (29 grams saturated), 2,490 milligrams of sodium, and 425 milligrams of cholesterol

WORST Healthy-Sounding Burger: Ruby Tuesday's Avocado Turkey Burger - 887 calories, 54 grams of fat, and 2,441 milligrams of sodium.

WORST Oversized Burger: Fifth Third Ballpark's Fifth Third Burger - 1,394 calories, 81 grams of fat (29 grams saturated), and 1,903 milligrams of sodium.

WORST Fair or Festival Burger: Krispy Kreme Burger - This burger is so bad for you, no one has DARED do the calorie count. With two donuts serving as buns at 190 calories each, you're mouth may be watering, but your body is quivering!

WORST Burger Melt: Red Robin's All-American Patty Melt - 1,315 calories, 98 grams of fat, and 2,064 milligrams of sodium.

WORST Burger Hybrid: Applebee's Quesadilla Burger - 1,240 calories, 103 grams of fat (43 grams saturated), and 3,530 milligrams of sodium.

WORST BURGER EVER: Chili's Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger - 2,290 calories and more fat and sodium than you should consume in two days: 139 grams of fat (211% of the proper daily intake), 46 grams of saturated fat (230%), and a bloodcurdling 6,500 milligrams of sodium (271%).

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