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Second Hand Smoking Linked To Hearing Loss In Teenagers

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Smoking leads to hearing loss

Why are people STILL smoking? We don't get it! There are seriously hundreds of reasons NOT to smoke and not a single reason to smoke.

Here is ONE MORE reason to quit the nasty habit, ESPECIALLY if you're a smoker with kids.

A new study has found that teenagers regularly exposed to second hand smoke are nearly twice as likely to have hearing loss as teens who live in smoke-free environments.

Researchers came to the conclusion by studying blood concentrations of cotinine — a byproduct of the neurotoxin nicotine that is often used as a biomarker of smoke exposure — in 1,533 non-smoking adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19.

After determining auditory acuity at both high- and low-frequencies, the study showed teens who had the highest level of cotinine more likely to have high- and low-frequency hearing loss.

Dr. Anil K Lalwani, lead author of the study and a professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, said:

"Prior work has shown an association between secondhand smoke and ear infection in children which can be associated with conductive hearing loss that is reversible. In adults, smoking has been associated with early hearing loss. I was concerned that secondhand smoke could similarly be injurious to children and cause injury to the inner ear leading to permanent sensorineural hearing loss."

Although more tests studies are necessary to determine exactly how second hand smoke correlates with hearing loss, the results of this study make it pretty clear there is a link.

If you're not going to stop smoking for your OWN sake, maybe consider quitting for your KIDS.

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