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5 Worst Foods For Bipolar Disorder

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According to recent research, there is more than the mind just affecting bipolar mood swings. It turns out what those suffering with the disorder eat can help make their mood more manageable.

In fact, caffeine and sugar are two offenders on the list of what NOT to eat that can motivate more mood swings!

With people suffering from bipolar disorder at a higher risk for heart and vascular disease, research reveals it's more important than ever for them to maintain a healthy diet! Check out the 5 WORST foods for bipolar disorder below!


According to a leading psychiatrist, "Caffeine is an under-appreciated trigger and can additionally impair sleep.” With sleep deprivation being a notorious trigger for bipolar mood swings and mania, it's important bipolar patients AVOID the substance commonly found in coffee, tea, and soda! Caffeine can also affect how antipsychotic medications works and can worsen anxiety.


Don't drink it! Alcohol is known to turn people WITHOUT any mental health conditions into raving lunatics, so those WITH a mental health condition should most definitely avoid it! The impairing substance can negatively affect medications and mood swings, while those with bipolar with disorder are more likely to develop an addiction!


Bipolar disorder sufferers are at risk for metabolic syndrome, which is a pre-diabetes condition that may make it hard to manage blood sugar levels. A "sugar high" also contributes to drastic mood swings and mania, in particular. Experts suggest feasting on fruit for a sweet flavor and avoiding sugar bombs like candy!


It is important to maintain a healthy intake of salt (between 1,500 and 2,300 milligrams a day) because of sodiums affect on lithium, a common drug used to treat bipolar disorder. Doctors say drinking a healthy amount of fluids is equally important when on lithium because dehydration causes dangerous side effects.


Fat in food may alter the way our bodies use medications, so it's important to eat lean protein meats and low-fat dairy products to limit saturated and trans fat in your diet. With bipolar disorder putting patients at higher risks for heart conditions too, remember fried and fatty foods are NOT good for that precious heart of yours.

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