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The Best (And Worst) Fast Food Meals For Your Kids!

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Nothing beats a healthy, home-cooked meal, but times are tough. People are busy. And sometimes, its easier to go through the drive-thru than it is to be driven crazy over a recipe for chicken parm.

We get it, but when it comes to the kinds of foods that are out there for quick and cheap, people have a lot of options and when it comes to feeding kids, parents should really consider what they are feeding them.

For example, Subway happens to have some the healthiest options for kids. Their unhealthiest Meal is only 395 calories: Roast beef sandwich, apples and low-fat milk. Not too bad right? Similarly and perhaps surprisingly, Burger King isn't that bad either. If your kid orders the Chicken tenders meal with apple fries and low-fat milk, that's only 350 calories. Course, if you substitute those tenders for a hamburger, it goes up to 430. Still, not that bad.

Care to know the WORST kid's meal around? We found one that's 883 calories! That's like, almost a kids daily calorie intake!

If you want to see the best of the best and the worst of the worst, click the jump to see the list. It could really help you make better decisions when picking out meals for the little ones in your life - or even yourself! (Yeah, we know some of you are on a budget. We get it.)


Healthiest Meal: 345 calories Veggie Delite sandwich, apples, low-fat milk
Unhealthiest Meal: 395 calories Roast beef sandwich, apples, low-fat milk


Healthiest Meal: 350 calories Chicken tenders, apple fries, and low-fat milk
Unhealthiest Meal: 430 calories Hamburger, apple fries, and apple juice


Healthiest Meal: 360 calories Crunchy taco, cinnamon twists, and juice
Unhealthiest Meal: 580 calories Bean burrito, cinnamon twists, and juice


Healthiest Meal: 260 calories Chicken strip, low-fat milk, and a fruit cup
Unhealthiest Meal: 660 calories Chicken nuggets, low-fat chocolate milk, and fries


Healthiest Meal: 280 calories Chicken strips, string cheese, corn, and a Capri Sun
Unhealthiest Meal: 663 calories Popcorn chicken, string cheese, potato wedges, soda


Healthiest Meal: 283 calories Chicken nuggets, apples, and a soft drink
Unhealthiest Meal: 623 calories Chicken sandwich, fries, and a soft drink


Healthiest Meal: 380 calories Chicken McNuggets, apple dippers, and apple juice
Unhealthiest Meal: 700 calories Cheeseburger, French fries, and chocolate milk


Healthiest Meal: 410 calories Chicken strips, apples, and juice
Unhealthiest Meal: 740 calories Grilled cheese, French fries, and chocolate milk


Healthiest Meal: 455 calories Ham melt sandwich, chips, and a soda
Unhealthiest Meal: 773 calories Cheesy toasted cheese sandwich, cookie, and soda


Healthiest Meal: 603 calories Chicken strips, applesauce, soda, and ice cream cone
Unhealthiest Meal: 883 calories Cheeseburger, fries, soda, and a Dilly bar

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