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Olivia And Hannah Talk About Their Motivations And How They Keep That Biggest Loser Weight Off!

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Biggest Losers Reveal Tips

Olivia Ward and sister Hannah Curlee won the couples season of Biggest Loser, and Fitness magazine caught up with them to check out progress, how they keep off the weight, and their future goals!

On What They Love:

Olivia: "My arms! I never really knew that I had the potential to have long, lean arms. I always thought that I was just big boned, but it turns out I’ve actually got a small frame and I’m really tall!”

Hannah: “I must admit: I love my stomach! I’ve been blessed to not have any sagging skin and it’s so flat! My stomach makes me feel so strong. It’s nice to have muscles and not just be thin."

Their Secrets:

Secret #1: You deserve to be in great shape.

Olivia: “I used to put everyone else’s needs ahead of mine. Now my health is the priority. Exercising is my me time, and I’ve learned that that’s not selfish at all.”

Hannah: “The first step in dropping the weight was realizing that I actually loathed myself and what I’d become. When I reached my goal of losing 120 pounds, I was proud of myself for the first time in 15 years. I now feel confident, not just about my stronger body but also about who I am inside.”

Secret #2: Stop being so hard on yourself.

Olivia: “I like to be perfect, and when I can’t, I get frustrated. This time around I realized it’s all about the small goals. Believing that you can do something will make you actually do it.”

Secret #3: You don’t have to spend hours in the gym.

Olivia: “Real life doesn’t allow me to exercise six hours a day, like we did on the show. I try to work out 90 minutes a day, six days a week.

Hannah: “I get up at 5 a.m. and go to a boot camp class. I enjoy it because it’s different every day. We do things like run across a football field holding a weighted bar. I love the social aspect of it, too. The buddy system really works for me—obviously!”

Secret #4: Eat more, not less.

Olivia: “I used to get bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel and think that it was just a bagel. Now I love an egg white omelet made with vegetables, like asparagus and mushrooms, left over from the previous night’s dinner. You can eat healthy and still love what you’re putting in your mouth.”

Hannah: “When I’m hungry, I get mean. So I eat as much fiber as I can to stay full and satisfied. That stops me from grabbing pizza or a candy bar.”

Secret #5: Ask for what you want:

Olivia: “When I’m eating out I’ve become that person who asks the chef to hold the cheese, hold the dressing and please cook my meal without any butter, but I’m totally OK with doing that. I’m not going to throw away all the hard work I’ve done just because I’m afraid to ask the waitress to skip the blue cheese.”

Secret #6 Do the write thing.

Hannah: “I found that keeping a journal of everything that’s going on while you’re losing weight is a great way to stay focused. Today when I look back over the entries from when I was in a real funk about life, I can see what a bad place I was in and realize why I don’t want to go back there.”

Such good advice!

We understand that beyond losing the weight, the hardest thing is keeping the weight off. It would be so sad to see you guys revert back, so we're SO GLAD you've found ways to keep what you've earned!!

We're also glad that you guys are aiming to marathon, vacation, date, and live life!!

Those secrets of yours are super easy, too! Don't mind us if we happen to steal some of them.

Congrats again!!

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