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5 Easy To Do Memory Aids For Everyone

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Memory Helpers

You don't have to have a condition to feel like you're forgetting things all the time. Stress, lack of sleep, all of that can have an effect on your memory.

Here are some very simple ways to help out!


No, you don't have to use it ALL the time, but even when you've been somewhere a few times things can still get confusing. Maybe it was nighttime when you first took that new route, who knows?

Remembering routes can be challenging, especially if they're not frequent destinations. And following written directions can be difficult for someone with early dementia, or anyone who doesn't want to be a distracted driver.

And sometimes it's just easier to take verbal cues that written ones!

Medication Reminders

We get it. Sometime remembering to take a pill can be the last thing on your mind, so why not use some technology to help??

Medical alarms can be programmed to send you an e-mail message or a beep to a special watch. Some pill containers themselves will send visual messages.

In conjunction to that, we say set an alarm on your cell phone, as you probably always have it with you, labeled "meds" or something familiar!


This is one of our favorites. Such a simple, classic tool that is really under-utilized!

Not all memory aids are high-tech. The lowly notebook can be a lifesaver when it comes to remembering names, details, and to-do lists. The trick is to have the notebook handy at all times. Very small books (such as Moleskine's 2.5 by 4 inch extra-small version) that slip into a pocket or purse work well.

Train yourself to write down everything you don't want to slip away — the names of those present at a meeting, the sudden thought to call for a haircut appointment, items to pick up at the grocery store on your way home.

The act of writing it down helps to secure a thought in your mind — and if you forget, you can look it up.

A Place For Your Things

A basket. A shelf. Somewhere you can put your keys and other things you don't want to forget all the time! Never have to look for that stuff again!

This idea amps up the old adage about "a place for everything." Dedicate a single basket or box to all key items that are often misplaced: car keys, house key, reading glasses, sunglasses, medications, and anything else used regularly — even cell phone, TV remote, and sweaters.

Centralized House Calendar

Sometimes it's not enough to have a calendar on your phone unless it's open all the time, and let's face it, you aren't at your computer the whole day either. Just think how easy it would be to peep that big calendar in your kitchen every morning while you make coffee!

It's hard enough to remember your own priorities, let alone everyone else's. Whether your household contains five people and three generations or just one person and a pet, post an oversized calendar in a central place (such as the kitchen). Use a different colored marker to write down each family member's appointments, invitations, and travels (or, for a pet, dates with the vet or groomer).

Get in the habit of looking at the calendar every morning and consulting it before you make new appointments.

There you go guys!

Happy remembering!

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