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You Might Want To Invest In More Expensive Sunglasses!

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Cheap Sunglasses Are Dangerous

Do you buy super cheap sunglasses? Maybe you lose sunglasses often, so financially it makes sense?

Well, it might not make sense if you're taking that saved money and spending it on aspirin and eye doctor appointments, because cheap sunglasses can lead to headaches and double vision!

It tested three pairs of sunglasses bought from each of seven stores – Asda, M&S, New Look, Poundland, Primark, Sainsbury’s and Tesco – all costing between £1 and £5.

Fifteen pairs failed key tests and only the three from New Look passed everything.

All three pairs from Poundland had what opticians call a vertical prism in the lenses. Present in some prescription glasses, it has the effect of bending light and can cause double vision or headaches in some wearers.

One pair was labelled good for driving when the lenses were too dark for such use.

If the problems are here in these brands, it's pretty much a given that they're present in other brands. Which is kind of terrifying, because these sunglasses are worn while driving.

We mean, why not just have a few cocktails before you drive if you're going to have double vision from cheap sunglasses anyway?

Doesn't make sense, and it's actually recklessly irresponsible on the manufacturer's part.

Be safe everyone, invest in legit shades!

[Image via AP Images.]

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