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Avoiding The 'Freshman 15' At College

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freshman 15

We've all heard of the dreaded "Freshman 15", but college newcomers can take a sigh of relief because studies suggest it's usually closer to a freshman 7.

However, that doesn't mean you won't gain more than 7 pounds if you're not careful.

It's hard to pinpoint just one cause of the unfavorable phenomena, but a decrease in physical activity, a boost in alcohol consumption, and a change in eating habits from healthy foods to those high in sugar and fat probably have something to do with it.

With college just beginning, we're sure there are plenty of freshman already dreading what the scale will read by the end of the semester and we're sure there are just as many thinking "that will never happen to me!"

Bad news is, it can and probably will, but the good news is you can take easy steps prevent it! Continue reading below for tips on avoiding the Freshman 15!

Structure your eating habits! Experts suggest fitting three meals and two to three snacks into each day can keep your eating habits on track and your calorie intake under control.

Don't give into the unhealthy temptations that fill your colleges all-you-can-eat cafeteria! Fill your plate with at least 50% of greens, a GRILLED piece of chicken or beef, and use the rest of your plate to get your fill of whole grains. Don't forget to grab a couple extra bananas and apples to snack on in your dorm!

Don't give in to peer pressure! We don't advocate underage drinking, but if you do decide to partake in the extracurricular late night festivities, there is no need to be out boozing EVERY night! Furthermore, avoid the late night munchies. Take that piece of fruit out of your backpack you stole from the cafeteria earlier!

Avoid drinking too many liquid calories! Drink water as much as possible and then…read what we wrote above again. Light beer has calories too and while you may not remember how many you drank in the morning, you're body won't forget.

Educate yourself! You're in college and are paying to fill your brain with knowledge. Fill it with something outside of your major and take a class on nutrition or fitness!

Go to the gym! You're most likely already member since the membership fee is most likely covered in your tuition. Trust us, you'll never have more free time to take advantage of that membership either. Unless you see lengthy unemployment in your future, in which case you probably won't be able to afford one.

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