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Q & A With Dr. J

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Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to LEARN from them! However, sometimes it's hard to get past making them in the first place, so a Perezcious reader wrote FitPerez life coach Dr. J for advice, asking:

"How do I stop beating myself up when I make mistakes?"

Nothing is wrong with challenging yourself to be better each and every day, BUT make yourself mindful of those mistakes and find ways to start minimizing them. LOOK at your dominant thoughts. Are they giving YOU what you dutifully desire? Thoughts become things, so what do you think happens when you engage in pounding on your own person? Take that same energy and come up with a plan of how you will do things differently next time. You will be less likely to Photo Shop the past, present and future if you raise the stakes on your miss-takes. Rescue yourself and take a Rendezvous with the Ridiculous.

In the vein of Steve Jobs, "Stay Hungry for Self-Help and remain Foolish until You Fulfill!" Perhaps, it's time to Uproot yourself and your Reality to Blossom Better Behaviors. For example, If you nosh on your nails, wear gloves for the next 40 days and 40 nights! If You incessantly use bad language, eat a hot chile pepper each time foul language slips from your lips! If YOU Yo-Yo and are obsessive about your weight, spending a small fortune on Diet Do Overs and Do It Now schemes, use your time, money, and energy to take a trip to Africa, Haiti, & Japan and help those in need. You will come back lean and learned, a different person on the inside and out!

Instead of beating yourself up, take a different approach to life, embrace the opportunity to learn from your "mistakes," and Do Better Each Time! If it wasn't for people believing they could Be Better, Do Better and not letting mis-steps get in their way, we wouldn't have Led Zeppelin, Light Bulbs, or Laptop computers! So E=MC Square It and Go Find Your Winning Formula.

If you've got a question about how to handle something bothering you in life, shoot us an email or ask the doctor himself @AskDocJ on Twitter!

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