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Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp Displays His Major League HAWTness!

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Matt Kemp

Oo la la! RiRi tapped that!

The Dodgers may not have clinched a spot in the playoffs this year, but Matt Kemp just clinched a spot in our heart with these steamy photos!

The outfielder from Oklahoma posed for Flaunt Magazine where he opened up about his El Lay lifestyle.

Despite his modest midwestern upbringing, Kemp has become quite the fashionista, saying:

"In the past year-and-a-half, two years, I got into being around fashionable people. I started to enjoy the things that other people I was around enjoyed like clothes and shoes. It’s fun. I think it’s fun to go into a store and try to figure out what to put with some shoes or your outfit or whatever, and rock it."

He compares his recently awakened fashion sense to that of a chameleon, continuing:

“I’m like a chameleon, man. I can switch it up. I can one day be wearing some Jordans or nice retro sportswear with some jeans, a shirt, and a hat, and make that look nice. And then I can wear a collared shirt with some RRL jeans.”

We wonder if his famous former girlfriend Rihanna had any influence on his style! The couple ended their year long relationship last December, which fits nicely into his personal fashion timeline.

If any ladies ever get the chance to meet this Major League hottie and want a chance to score a date, here's what he's looking for:

"I like confident people. I like positive people. Somebody that can make me a better person. Somebody that makes me want to be a better person. Smart. Pretty, of course. Somebody that is close with their family and loves their family just as much as I love my family. Somebody that knows how to dress. It just boils down to being confident and being comfortable in your own skin and the person that you are.”

Don't forget your most fashionable shoes at home either! He appreciates female footwear almost as much as he does their confidence, explaining:

"I love looking and seeing what kind of shoes women wear. I think that tells me if a person knows what they’re doing. To me, shoes are…If I like your shoes, and you’re pretty, that’s a good quality.”

Good looks paired with nice shoes? Sounds like this guy's got a lot of options in El Lay! Ha!

If you like what you see above, the you'll definitely like what you see below. Check out the rest of the Matt Kemp pics from Flaunt Magazine!

[Image via Tony Duran/FLAUNT.]

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