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5 Germiest Places While Traveling

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Taking a trip soon?

Chances are you'll be passing through some of the germiest places on the planet then!

Germaphobes beware! Check out the 5 germiest spot for travelers below and make sure to pack lots of Purell!

1. Airports:

Have you ever seen an airport NOT busy? If you live in El Lay you haven't! Since millions regularly check in to travel, the check-in counter and ticket kiosk are crawling with germs!

Don't forget security check points. You're not the only one who decided to wear sandals and walk through barefoot. Staphylococcus aureus, the cause of staph infections, has been discovered in these checkpoints, so it's always a good idea to wear socks.

2. Airplanes:

Here are a few disgusting facts that will make you think twice about drinking tea or coffee on an airplane. The Environmental Protection Agency found that out of 7,812 water samples from 2,316 aircraft water tanks, 2.8% were positive for coliform bacteria.

Furthermore, airplanes are supposed to be equipped with special HEPA filters to trap airborne viruses, but 15% of commercial airlines don't use them!

3. Hotel rooms:

The sheets and towels may be changed after every guest, but television remotes, alarm clocks, and ice buckets are rarely cleaned between overnight stays. You know what some male guests touch before, during, and in between touching the remote, right? GROSS!

Any water stains on the ceiling or peeling wallpaper may also be a sign of staccibotrous (PH), a mold known to cause respiratory problems.

4. Cruise ships:

In space nobody can hear you scream. In the middle of the ocean on a cruise line EVERYONE can hear you scream because your crammed onto a ship with a boatload of strangers.

A bunch of people in confined spaces means a bunch of communicable diseases too! One of the most popular is "norovirus" that can spread through touch or contaminated food and accounts for 90% of gastroenteritis outbreaks around the world.

Whose hungry for that all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet aboard a Carnival cruise ship now?

5. Trains and subways:

Much like an airport, thousands of people pass through this public form of transportation daily so never assume a surface is safe! Germs can live on surfaces for hours and even thrive for days!

Avoid hanging on to hand rails or touching your face with hands if they have touched a surface. Carry portable hand sanitizer or wash your hands AS SOON as you get to your destination!

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