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Mattel Will Stop Wrapping Barbie Dolls In Environmentally-Damaging Packaging

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We approve!

Mattel has announced they will cut ties with controversial paper company Asia Pulp and Paper, which Greenpeace revealed destroys Indonesian rainforests that the endangered species, like the Sumatran tiger, call home!

Following an effective campaign from Greenpeace, the toy maker will no longer be using the paper company's product to create the packaging for their signature Barbie dolls.

Furthermore, Mattel announced, "By 2015 our goal is to have 85% of our packing be made from recycled material or certified fiber."

This is great news because tigers aren't the only species put in danger thanks to the devastating affects of rainforest destruction — we are too!

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change noted that deforestation is responsible for a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than the world’s transportation sector!

Check out a viral video Greenpeace made as part of their campaign to convince Mattel to make the environmentally sound change above!

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