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Getting A Second Diagnosis

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A FitPerez reader is feeling nervous about getting a second opinion from a different doctor — mainly because she doesn't want to offend the doctor that's she's with now. That's a tightrope, and luckily we have Fran Drescher to help give some advice.

The question:

I’m not satisfied with the diagnosis my long time doctor gave me. How should I go about seeking a second opinion without offending anyone?

Here's Fran's nail on the head response:

Darling…this is your life, not your doctor’s. Any worthwhile doctor will expect and respect your decision to inquire about and improve your health. Also, when getting your second opinion, go outside of your doctor’s hospital and get a totally objective opinion. It’s you body and nobody knows it like you do!

Thanks, Fran! And we totally agree — you can't be worrying about your doctor's feelings when it comes to your health. Make sure you're getting the best proper care, and the proper diagnosis, because nothing is more important that your well-being!

Plus, people get second opinions all the time… doctors are used to it!

For more answers to any health questions on your mind, tweet @frandrescher #askfranforfitperez and help fight cancer by checking out her website www.cancerschmancer.org!

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