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A Few Drinks A Week Might Raise Breast Cancer Risk

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Booze Bad

When we read this we went, "Oh come on!" because it feels like we JUST heard that a few glasses of wine a week was beneficial to people!

But, according to this 100,000 women over 30 years study, just a few drinks a week could actually RAISE their breast cancer risk!

So we had to find out exactly what was up, and here's the thing: the benefits that we heard about previously are heart-centric, and the results of this test might mean that those heart benefits out-weigh the "moderate" rise in breast cancer risk when only consuming 3 to 6 drinks a week.

That's why you have to consider your family history before making decisions!

The type of alcohol didn't matter, either. But here's what happened:

During that period, roughly 7,700 of the women enrolled developed invasive breast cancer. The researchers found that having 5 to 10 grams of alcohol a day, the equivalent of roughly three to six glasses of wine a week, raised a woman’s risk of breast cancer by 15 percent. The effects were cumulative; with each 10-gram increase in alcohol consumption per day, the risk climbed 10 percent.

And here's what the doctors say to do:

“We’re not recommending that women stop drinking altogether. For an individual woman to make the best decision it would depend on what her own breast cancer risk factors are, as well as her cardiovascular risk factors. If you do drink, you have to weigh the risks and benefits. But obviously if you don’t drink and you’re worried about breast cancer, don’t start.”

It's a totally bummer that everything seems to have a catch. "It'll help your heart, but it'll give you breast cancer!" Lame.

You guys just have to weight it all before making a decision — besides, nobody says drinking is necessary, so what would be the issue of giving it up, if you can find other healthier ways to help your heart naturally?

Just sayin'!

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