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Temperature Plays A Big Part In Your Sleep Quality

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Sleep Temp

Do you love it when it's cold in your room when you sleep?

What about hot?

Well, it turns out that temperature has a big effect on how you sleep and the ideal temp is somewhere between 65-72. Just gotta find that happy medium for you, or you and your partner!

Here are some tips on how to achieve that:

- Set your AC, duh.

But if you DON'T have an AC, here are the real tips:

- Keep your radiator on, but open a window and have a fan circulate. Open the window wider or smaller until you hit what you want.

- Stand alone radiators are safer than space heaters and you can use most of them over night. So, if your house is drafty, invest in one of those instead of a space heater.

- Get an electric blanket.

- Sleep with a hot water bottle.

- If your partner likes it cooler, get yourself a hoodie and some awesome socks!

Seems pretty easy, and let us tell you, it's super important to get your rest. It can even fight off sickness.

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