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What's The Best Trick To Losing Weight?

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Losing Weight Super Quick

Losing weight.

It's a struggle, it's hard, but it's also worth it. The thing is, most of us aren't doing it as efficiently as possible. That's why someone jumped right to the business and asked a celebrity trainer flat out: What's the best way to lose weight fast?

The answer might surprise you.

Here's the response:

There is definitely a way to lose weight faster than you are now. The #1 trick for fast weight loss is to engage in activities that burn the maximum amount of calories for the greatest amount of time. There are many day-to-day activities that burn calories (walking, gardening, household chores), but they don't meet the mark for burning the maximum amount of calories. What does? Weight training. Lifting weights helps you build lean muscle mass, which ultimately burns more calories—even when you're sitting in front of the computer!

For every additional pound of lean muscle mass you add to your frame, you will burn about 35 to 50 additional calories per day, according to researchers at Tufts University. That adds up to about 1,500 extra calories burned per month or 18,000 calories per year (5 lbs of body fat!) while resting.

Not only will weight training help you build lean muscle, but done with the proper intensity, it can raise the rate at which your body burns calories (your resting metabolic rate) for up to 48 hours after you leave the gym, resulting in even more fat loss. Ready to get started? Try one of these strength plans today!

Weight training! Not cardio!

Though, there are ways of combining the two — but should one person have access to such power??


And don't forget a healthy diet will help too!

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