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Moderate Alcohol Intake Linked To Lower Diabetes Risk In Middle Aged Women

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When it comes to alcohol and it's benefits/risks people and science are all over the place.

Which is why we're such advocates of moderation around here. Almost everything is at its best when in moderation — and a new study on diabetes in middle aged women places alcohol in that category too!

If you're a woman who's middle aged, and who drinks alcohol moderately and consumes large amounts of refined carbohydrates… you have a 30% lower chance of developing diabetes type 2!

This isn't some knee-jerk reaction to a brand new study, either. Researchers tracked 81,827 over 26 years:

"If you eat a high carb diet without drinking alcohol, your risk of developing diabetes is increased by 30 percent. However, if you eat a high carb diet, but (drink) a moderate amount of alcohol, the increased risk is reduced. Our findings suggest that a higher alcohol intake (≥15 g/d) attenuates the positive association between GL and T2D incidence."

Moderate in this case means about two drinks a week.

This doesn't mean that if you don't drink and eat a bunch a carbs that the best solution is to start. In fact, they encourage a diet low in refined carbs and high in whole grains.

If you do drink, though, find that moderation and stick to it!

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