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ESPN Withheld Audio Tape Incriminating Bernie Fine For 8 Years!

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ESPN Withheld bernie Fine tape

After all the smack ESPN talked against Penn State for covering up the Jerry Sandusky scandal, the sports channel may have found themselves in their own little cover up!

ESPN aired a secretly recorded phone conversation between Laurie Fine, the wife of fired Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, and one of his victims, which indicted VERY clear wrongdoing on the coach's part.

After the channel aired the disturbing tape recorded by Bobby Davis, a former ball boy for the college team, Syracuse immediately fired Fine.

ESPN's victory against child molestation, however, may be short lived because it turns out that they had the tape in their possession for nearly 8 years since it was recorded in 2002.

Much like the Penn State officials who knew about Sandusky's pedophilia habits for God knows how long, ESPN had hard evidence against this monster for 8 years but chose to ignore it!

According to Mark Schwarz, the reporter who broke the story during Sunday's episode of Outside the Lines, ESPN chose not to air it because:

"We didn't have a corroborating second alleged victim and so we kept the tape for eight years not really knowing what to do with it until the second alleged victim, Mike Lang, came forward."

It's pretty sad that ONE victim isn't enough these days for a child molestor to revealed to the public, especially when the tape contains lines like:

Laurie Fine: What did he want you to do? You can be honest with me.
Bobby Davis: What do you think? What he always does.
Laurie Fine: He wants you to grab him? Or blow him?
Bobby Davis: He tried to make me grab him. But first he’d try to grab me and start touching me.
Laurie Fine: Right. But when he gave you the money, what did he want for that? He wanted you to grab him or he wanted to do you?

Ugh! Truly awful that anybody could simply hold onto a tape that should have gone, first and foremost, DIRECTLY to the police, then Syracuse University.

And we're not letting Laurie off the hook either! It disturbs us to learn that she was completely aware of what her husband was doing to innocent young children. Her lack of action is almost as reprehensible as her husband's crimes!

ESPN viewers are rightfully calling the Disney-owned brand "hypocrites" too, with one writing on the website:

"Where is ESPN's culpability in this? They held onto that tape for more than six years and didn't act. Isn't this what ESPN just lynched Joe Paterno for doing? Why didn't ESPN take it a step further. They possessed an actual tape of admission of abuse and didn't act??? Where is the morality? This sickens me…hypocrites."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

[Image via AP Images.]

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