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Here Are Some Surprising Ways To Get In The Mood

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Increase Libido In These Ways

So, are you looking for ways to kickstart your libido?

Always? Even though you don't really need to, not really?

Well, check out these six ways you can get in the mood… and they might surprise you a bit:

Scare Yourself

It's true. You're more likely to feel like getting your "bone on" if you've gone skydiving instead of going for a leisurely walk. It's all that adrenaline.

Plus, all of that tension and stuff from that scary movie you just watched, people find their partners more alluring according to some studies!

“When you’re doing something exciting, your heart is racing and your nervous system is activated, much like they would be if you were sexually aroused.”

Red Wine Instead Of Champagne

Sure, for celebratory purposes the go-to drink is usually champagne. But if you want a better chance of scoring some one-on-one dirty wrestling, make the switch to red wine! Especially when it's reported that there are higher levels of sexual desire and vaginal lubrication in women after drinking a few glasses.

They say high levels of polyphenols are to blame for this!


In addition to getting you limber, yoga also boosts your libido and sexual drive!

The reason?

Beyond relaxation and focus — it gets you more in tune with your body. Learn things you've never known!


We aren't talking full-on boob or junk grabbing here, but we're talking little touches — like hand holding — can really spike your arousal! Interesting!

“Even little acts of touching your partner release oxytocin, a hormone that may boost closeness and arousal.”

The key is to be spontaneous, though!

Wear Red

Something as simple as wearing red can cause a stir in your partner's loins!

Red, mentally, is a signal of status and power. So stock up!


While gyms don't really smell very good, partners usually dig each others' sweaty fragrances after a workout!

It might just boost your cortisol levels, which in turn boost arousal!

Gross, but awesome, if you want to go at it!

There you go!

We're sure that there are individual quirks and preferences that will help turn you on too — so just listen to your body and your reactions to certain situations!

Make some love, people!

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