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Dealing With Second Hand Smoke After Quitting

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Craig nabat

One thing that people don't realize is how terrible second hand smoke is when you're not a smoker. And guess what? Even smokers that quit are finally able to notice it too!

The thing is, smokers don't usually know that this happens:

Quit smoking 6 months ago but literally cant stand second hand smoke - is this supposed to happen?

Here's Craig Nabat's response, one of the leading sources on quitting smoking:

I understand how you feel. I’m like that now too, it kind of makes you angry when you smell it. Smokers don’t realize they are actually forcing non-smokers to smoke, if they are smoking around them. Now that you are not smoking, your own sense of smell has come back. Smokers are not usually aware of how truly foul the smell is to others of their smoke cloud that surrounds them.

This is a good thing that you can’t stand the smell now, if more people were offended by second-hand smoke, it would definitely cause more smokers to quit. Second-hand smoke is actually more dangerous than the smoke that is inhaled; most smokers are unaware of this. So many of our clients who come into Freedom Laser Therapy to quit smoking declare that they feel like a social outcast for smoking, and it is one of the main reasons driving them to quit.

We're all super glad you quit, first and foremost!

And it's interesting that this happens — and we wonder what it would be like if all smokers knew this. Would people still do it?

Probably, but we'd like to think it'd they'd be few and far between!

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