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Stress In Early Pregnancy Linked To Fewer Baby Boys

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STress Less Boys


A new study has claimed that there is a link between stress during early pregnancy and fewer baby boys being born because of it!

It can also cause raise the risk to a premature delivery, too.

Interestingly enough, what was tested was the male birth rate and the effect of stress an earthquake had on local mothers… the one in 2005 in Chile, to be exact.

The birth certificates analyzed had a treasure trove of info related to the study, including the sex, the date of birth, and even how close to the epicenter of the quake the mothers lived.

Here's what they found:

"Generally, there are more male than female live births. The ratio of male to female births is approximately 51:49 — in other words, out of every 100 births, 51 will be boys. Our findings indicate a 5.8 percent decline in this proportion, which would translate into a ratio of 45 male births per 100 births, so that there are now more female than male births. This is a significant change for this type of measure."

And, like we said before, the mothers that experienced the earthquake and were closest to it had the shortest pregnancies. If they were in the 3rd month, it was on average that they pregnancy would end TWO DAYS shorter than other months! Crazy!

We wonder what other crazy stuff has a profound effect on pregnancies other than genetics!

[Image via AP Images.]

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