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8 Surprising Health Facts To Brighten Your Holidays

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Since we're assuming most of us have been more than a little lax on our exercise regimens as the holidays loom and have substituted our weekend workouts for nondenominational gift shopping, here are 8 health facts that will make you feel a little better about yourself!

1. A little bit of fat is good for your bones! One expert explains:

"The more stress you put on bones, the more they grow, so someone who weighs more will have denser bones. That's an advantage as we grow older and lose one to two percent of muscle a year."

2. Coffee has health benefits! Not only has caffeine been shown to help fight Alzheimer's disease and prostate cancer, but a recent Harvard study showed women who drank coffee in moderation were less likely to be depressed!

3. Red wine fights heart disease! The combination of alcohol and antioxidants increase levels of "good" cholesterol, which will protect your heart against artery damage.

4. Walking is just as healthy as running. Sure, it won't burn as many calories as quickly, but a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found brisk walking is very effective for reducing deep abdominal fat, the most dangerous kind.

Running burns twice the calories walking does per minute, but if you're just starting a fitness routine, walking is a great place to start. Isn't it great to know that hours of circling the mall amidst your search for the perfect gift is actually good for you? Ha!

5. Dark chocolate is a powerful antioxidant capable of fighting free radicals and other destructive molecules that cause heart disease. However, this is no excuse to pig out on the candy and should be eaten in small quantities in order for your body to experience its health benefits.

6. Sex is, hands down, the most fun exercise you can do. Reports suggest a hot and heavy half-hour session of doin' the nasty will burn 85 calories or more! Just remember to wear a condom because ya don't want to catch something you can't throw back!

7. Gin helps relieve lady pains like menstrual bloating! The active ingredient in the alcoholic drink, Juniper berries, is a diuretic.

8. Those who consume a moderate amount of beer regularly may be smarter. A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that moderate beer drinkers who consumed about one drink a day had better average cognitive scores than non-drinkers.

So let's review, a glass of beer a day is good for your brain, but (pay attention college students) three games of beer pong before your next final will NOT help you get a better grade. LOLz!

We don't know about you guys, but learning that small amounts of booze and chocolate, along with lots of sex, just brought us an immense amount of holiday cheer!

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