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An Hour Of TV Can Shorten Your Life

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Watching TV Death

Brought to us by the Council That Hates Fun And Entertainment, according to a new study watching an hour of tv might shorten your life by 22 minutes.

That's a pretty exact number for guessing, if you ask us.

A research team in Australia determined somehow that if you're over 25, watching an hour of TV will shorten you life by a hair under 22 minutes and likened it to smoking two cigarettes.


Because we're looking at these facts and we don't really see a concrete connection when there are a slew of other outside stimuli that could also be the cause of shortened life.

But, they found that in 2008 adults over 25 years old watched 9.8 billion hours of TV. This associated with losing 286,000 hours of life. They say it isn't so much the TV as it is the inactivity, yet they site specifically TV in the scary idea. That's like saying, "It's isn't so much the TV, but TV shortens your life."

And that's where we think, how can you be so specific if you don't really know what people are doing while watching TV?

Also, why TV specifically? Can't that be interchangeable with other things we do that doesn't require much effort? Couldn't we just as easily say that watching an hour of Broadway does the same thing? Taking an hour nap? Sitting in school? Surfing the web? We find it kind of absurd that TV is singled out by itself, and it seems like a shock tactic. Shouldn't it just be, maybe, "For Every Hour Of Inactivity…" instead??

There is no explanation as to how they link shortening of life to TV specifically, but everybody watches TV, so they'll just go with that:

A previous study in Australia found there was an 8 percent greater risk of dying prematurely associated with watching an hour of TV a day. "We've taken that study and translated it into what it means for life expectancy in Australia given how much TV we watch."

How did they find that risk and associate it? What's the association? How did you translate it to TV specifically?

We're ALL FOR a more active lifestyle, but we're pretty fed up with shock tactics and stretching without any explanation on how they can be so specific and not even mention outside factors. Smoking directly effects your lungs — watching TV can be done in countless ways, or even broken up into increments. A lot of people might — but not everybody just sits in front of a tv for hours at a time.

Breaking Bad is incredible. Just watch half of it at a time or walk on the treadmill while you watch. It isn't TV's fault.

Come on!

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