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Surprise, Surprise! A Cigarette Company Has Lied AGAIN!

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Ugh! This is so despicable, but we're not the LEAST bit surprised.

A new study by the Center for Tobacco Control Research has found that tobacco company Philip Morris' claim that additives in cigarettes, such as menthol, do not make their product more toxic is — take a wild guess what we're about to say — FALSE!

A 2001 internal report from the company stated it found no “meaningful effect of the ingredients on the toxicity of cigarettes” after studying 333 additives they use.

After a closer look, a research team found quite the opposite – toxicity and particulate matter increased with additives!

Ya see, documents released to the public, thanks to lawsuit against the company, revealed that Philip Morris initially came to the same conclusion.

Since those results would be bad for business, they performed another "study", but changed statistical analyses which “obscured this underlying toxicity and particulate increase."

Now can someone please explain why would anyone would want to continue purchasing products from a company that puts PROFITS above LIVES?!

Oh yeah…addictive nicotine.

We hope this disturbing news, piled on top of all the other disturbing news about tobacco companies, will help smokers wake up and realize it's time to quit!

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