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Jillian Michael's Weight Loss Resolution Tips

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Jillian SELF Magazine cover

It's that time of the year again. Everybody who isn't happy with their reflection has vowed to return to the gym, run 5 miles a week, and start eating right.

In a few weeks, unfortunately, it will be time for everyone to forget they ever made that commitment and waste that recently purchased gym membership.

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels, who has changed hundreds of lives through healthy exercise, covered SELF magazine's January issue to talk about actually following through with your resolution this year!

It's 2012 and, although Jillian doesn't think there is a certain time period that is better or worse for starting to exercise, she does admit that January is a good time to start thinking about improving your life, saying:

“I’m not really a resolution type of person because I think that any day is an opportunity to change your life. So I don’t really look for a period of time where I go “oh yes, this is what I’m going to change.” Whenever I realize that I am unhappy with something or I’m off course and I need to make a quick course correction, I can do that whether its January or June. But the reality is that it is a new year and you want to be thinking about, what you are going to change or how you are going to evolve. January really lends itself to that—what’s that next evolution of self."

If you want to lose weight, there are no gimmicks out there that work other than good old fashioned hard work and commitment, as Jillian points out:

“Weight loss is simple math, eating right is common sense, we know what’s bad for us and what isn’t.”

As far as the best workout strategy that will yield the best results, Jillian recommends intensity interval training, explaining:

"To burn calories, the best thing you can do is high intensity interval training. The reality is that the more intensely you train, the more calories you are going to burn while you are doing it and long after you’ve done it. Now, if you’re saying 'I want to run 5 miles over the course of an hour' or 'I want to work out 20 minutes really hard.' Quite honestly, you’ll probably come up pretty even. You should really shift your workouts back and forth if you can do an hour one day of long intensity endurance cardio. Great train the slow twitch fibers. Then the next day do high intensity, fast twitch. Train metabolically, which means very dynamic training that boost metabolism. But most of us do not the time to spend an hour to workout in the gym. I am going to recommend intensity. Fast and furious, with good form of course so you don’t get injured. But in my opinion that is the best way for conditioning, speedy weightloss and performance enhancement.”

Now that you know how to do it, go out there and get workin' on your resolution and STICK TO IT! To learn some fitness moves that don't require a gym from Jillian to jumpstart your year, click here!

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