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How To Conserve Energy For Later Use When Boxing!

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Calling all boxers!

When you're in the ring, it's hard not to want to just beat the shizz out of the other person right away and use all of your energy to do it. The thing is, though, that's not a smart way to play the game. And this FitPerezcious reader knows it:

Any suggestions on how to conserve my energy in the ring so I can be at least 80% in the 3rd round of sparring?

And guess what?? We happen to have a boxing contributor on our hands — and a great one at that. Enter Alex Brenes:

Ok, Let's shoot for more than three rounds. Even though it is a violent sport, it is very important in boxing for you to be relaxed, it will help you control your breathing, which will help you oxygenate your blood therefor it will help you last longer and ladies love that!!! Now keep your hands up, round 4 is coming up!

So, we think he's trying to say not to be so tense — as being tense spends energy!

Good luck in the ring! Don't get the crap kicked outta ya! Ha!

Thanks Alex!

Got more questions? Tweet Alex @ABrenesBoxing or write to Tips@FitPerez.com for more answers!

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