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Study Suggests The More You Run, The More You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

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run to maintain weight

For anybody that hates dieting, we have an alternative for you — run. A lot.

Research from the American College of Sports Medicine suggests that people who run at least 5 miles a day may maintain their slim waistline and low BMI no matter what they eat!

After categorizing 106,736 runners by the average distance they run every day — 1 milers, 2-3 milers, 3-4 milers, 4-5 milers, and 5 or more — the data revealed runners reduced the effects that diet had on BMI and waist circumference by 32%, 44%, 59%, and 65% respectively.

Dr. Christopher B. Cooper, the health and fitness director of the American College of Sports Medicine, shared:

"It’s a caloric balance thing — a simple equation of calories in, versus calories out. Plus, vigorous exercise in particular, significantly increases the body’s ability to oxidize fat."

However, Dr. Cooper makes sure to clarify that eating an unhealthy amount of food affects more than just your gut, continuing:

"Eating unhealthfully can cause a host of problems from high glucose levels, which can lead to diabetes, to arterial plaque buildup, which is a precursor to atherosclerosis."

Our advice is to adopt a strategy to maintain or lose weight that you KNOW you can follow through with.

For example, if you know you can't hold back at dinner time, make a habit of working out every day. On the other hand, if you are the type that hates exercising, make sure you're watching what you eat!

Still, we believe it's best to find a healthy and achievable balance of both approaches.

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