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Here Are Some Tips On How To Feel Full Quick!

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Nuts Fill You UP

You wanna lose weight, and you wanna not eat so much.

But you're just SO hungry!

What do you do? What CAN you do??

Well, here are some tips on how to feel full quick!


Water is pretty amazing stuff. Quenches your thirst, hydrates, no calories. It also makes you feel full!

Drink two 8-ounce glasses (16 ounces total) of water before each meal. It can trim up to 60 calories per meal!


Use cinnamon for flavor. Also, use vinegar and vinaigrette when you can! These things help you regulate blood sugars after meals, plus make you feel full, longer!

Use vinegar/vinaigrette and cinnamon for flavor (where possible). These two ingredients can help regulate blood sugars after meals, and help you feel full longer after eating, according to a study from the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences in Zurich, Switzerland.


Green and orange, green and orange.

Snack on little veggies that are green and orange! Why? They're made up of 90% water! Feel full!


Oh nooooooo carbs!

Shut up! Potatoes are awesome, if not for this reason:

Potatoes (white & sweet) contain hunger-fighting resistant starch. A new study in the British Journal of Nutrition found RS may boost satiety to help you stay full for up to 24 hours—and eat about 320 calories less per day.

What now, sucka??!


Those incredible Omega-3 fatty acids? Not only are they awesome for your health, but they help you feel full — for HOURS! Plus, on average, those tested at 75 calories less for their next meal!


You'd be nuts to not like nuts. And also stupid. Nuts are ah-mazing when it comes to snacking and feeling full!

The complex trio of fiber, protein, and fat in nuts activates satiety so you chow down on fewer calories throughout the day. (Plus, they may increase metabolism up to 11%!).


Mmmm, oatmeal for breakfast! Oats have a filling fiber compound called beta-glucan which helps the body release CCK, a hunger-supressing hormone.


Beans, beans! The musical fruit! The more you eat, the less hungry you are! Beans contain a fiber-protein balance to increase fullness. Plus, they just might help your metabolism too!


Proooooooootein! Eggs are protein-packed, so it’s no wonder they're finding that they can control appetite for up to 36 HOURS!!

Wow! So many options!

Let's get healthy, guys! Woo!

[Image via AP Images.]

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