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Making Money And Going To School: Should You Do One, The Other, Or Both?

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Dr J

Some people just aren't sure if school is for them. They might want to start gaining professional experience right away.

Or maybe someone just isn't sure.

Take this FitPerez Reader for example:

I'm going to school and doing okay but I really need to make money. Is it worth it to stay in school and get my degree or should I just get out there into the real world and get experience so I can get ahead? I know people who didn't finish college and are doing pretty good. School is so expensive and I feel like I'm just racking up too much debt and then I may not even be able to get that good of a job after school.

To answer this kind of question, we brought in Dr. J!

Here's his response:

The Good news is you’re thinking before you act. The question is, "Do You want to do pretty good or superb?" Drowning in Debt, Being Broke can paralyze one's purpose, as well as dim your drive. We all need to be aware of our Bliss so we can follow it down the boulevard of becoming better without letting the tough parts derail us. Right now you’re asking yourself, Should I invest in an education that can lead me to the skills I will need in the future? Or shall I hit the streets running from one gig to the next? I think you need to look at the long-term effects of your short sighted desires. If you drop out of school now, are you going to look for a job or are you going to Create jobs? Do you want to climb the corporate ladder or do you want to construct a corporation? I personally think you are in the midst of an amazing opportunity and are at the forefront of a wonderful challenge. Thinking about the big picture will ratchet up your resolve and refocus you about what type of education, career, and earnings you desire. Do YOU want to get ahead or stay ahead? You are concerned about the cost of college, but you’ll soon learn that no matter what you do, Life is Expensive. The important thing to remember is that YOU are priceless and You deserve to put 100% effort behind making yourself the best You can be and achieving your long-term goals, not just the “feel good now” goals. No one is saying it’s going to be easy or that you won’t have to make sacrifices, but Become your own Start-Up Company and give yourself the best chance to succeed by investing (time and money) in Yourself. In Life We ALL are students and for those of us who follow and fulfill our dreams, we can become masters. Your Mission is not impossible, rather practical and purposeful. Remember that. So, for now, I say stay in school and fulfill your dreams!

Thanks Dr. J!

If you've got a question about how to handle something bothering you in life, shoot us an email or ask the doctor himself @AskDocJ on Twitter!

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