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Proper Footwear For Boxing

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Connecting a fist to a face is probably the most important part of boxing, but there are lots of little important details involved in the sport too. FitPerez reader Harry wants to find functional footwear to wear in the ring and wrote boxing pro Alex Brenes for advice, asking:

Hi Alex,

Love your gym on Melrose in LA! Freaking Awesome. Question –- looking for some great boxing shoes –- my sneakers arent cutting it -– any ideas?

According to Alex:

Thanks Harry, DeLaBBC is awesome and we are working in making it even better! Shoes for boxing are a big problem, but an easy fix. Normal sneakers are great for most of the conditioning work like running, strengthening, and etc., but for the actual foot work in boxing, the hill or small incline in regular shoes can cause injuries and discomfort. They get suck in the soft surfaces boxing is usually practiced on — a padded floor or a canvas on a ring. Come by DeLaBBC whenever you want, get some good shoes, and slip and slide…

Got more questions? Tweet Alex @ABrenesBoxing and check out his boxing gym or write to Tips@FitPerez.com for more answers!

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