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Saturated Fat May Be Bad For Semen

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Bad news for babies who are eagerly waiting on the other side for that special sperm to fertilize that lucky egg so they can finally exist!

American obesity is off the charts and a new study has found that diets high in saturated fat may lower sperm count and sperm concentration.

Researchers came to the conclusion after semen samples were collected from 99 mostly overweight or obese men. After questioning their eating habits, the study's lead author, Dr. Jill Attaman, determined:

"There are few clearly identifiable lifestyle modifications that can be made to optimize natural fertility, especially for males. This is the first report of a relation between specific dietary fats and semen quality."

The paper published in the journal Human Reproduction conversely asserted that diets high in omega-3 polyunsaturated fats were associated with an overall better-quality of sperm, including better shape and size of cells.

Does size matter though?

Dr. Jamie Grifo of the NYU Fertility Center, who is experienced with intrauterine insemination (IUI), argues no. She claims patients "usually always get pregnant using IUI if you take the time" and that "the outcome is not changed by sperm count."

Having a few extra men in the army surely can hurt your chances for victory though, right? Ha!

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