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What Foods To Avoid Before A Hot Date!

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Amy Malin Fit Tips

This might be something you never think about beyond the obvious like what foods might give you bad breath, or gas, etc. — what foods should you eat to be in top form for that smokin' HOT date you have later in the evening??

Gotta be on your A-Game!!

Here's a FitPerezcious reader with that exact question:

I have a hot date coming up with the guy I have been dating for a few weeks now. Are there any foods I should avoid before going out with him? I heard that some foods can put a damper on my dating mojo. Thanks so much for your advice.

And here's Amy Malin, a party planner with real insight on relationships and dating!

She says:

Hi Jessica, from one Miami native to another! You raise a very interesting question and something that many women and men probably don't think about when they are getting ready for a hot date but really should consider. The saying "you are what you eat" definitely is true. Certain foods can wreak havoc on your body which is not what you want to happen when you're trying to enjoy a romantic evening. To avoid spending the night in the bathroom and with a major tummy ache, do not eat fiber rich foods like apples, pears, broccoli and cabbage before or during a date. You also want to avoid beans pre and during your date. These fruits and veggies contain a natural sugar called raffinose that isn't digested until it hits your large intestine where it turns into methane producing bacteria. In other words, unless you want to be tooting up a storm and stinking up the joint, pass on the gassy foods. Also skip foods with onion and garlic. While these veggies are great for you and provide amazing health benefits for your body, they cause bad breath. Not exactly a turn on pre-makeout session and no matter how many mints you pop, it won't mask the smell. Some people also find garlic to be very difficult on their tummies and it can cause a case of the poops. Steer clear of salty and fatty foods. They take forever to digest and they also cause bloating which can make you look and feel 5-10 pounds larger. Finally, go easy on the caffeine. People that claim to have a high tolerance for caffeine, often don't realize how it affects them until someone else points it out. Caffeine causes your mind to race, you can sound like the Micro-Machines pitch man, and when the high from the stimulant wears off, you will crash incredibly hard which can cause you to be tired and moody. Not exactly a good look on date night. If you eat healthy and light on date nights, you will be able to enjoy sexy time with your date or mate. Have a super sexy evening out!

Fab! Thanks, Amy!

And for more relationship/parenthood tips, follow Amy at @TrueheartEvents.

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